Manta ID Palau

Mandy’s latest project is identifying the manta rays of Palau, and studying their seasonal movements. Since 2008, she has photo ID’d over 300+ individual manta rays by their unique belly patterns, which are like fingerprints. The museum has recently launched a new website called Manta ID Palau, to gather and share information about the mantas of Palau without the need for any invasive tagging or survey methods.
The website has the belly database for Palau showing over 300+ individual manta bellies, some of which are the rare black color morphs, these will be updated seasonally as new photos and individuals are identified. Visitors can try to recognize which mantas they have interacted with or seen during their dives and name any unknown individuals they photograph in Palau to be featured on the website.
In 2017 the museum ordered three life sized fiberglass manta rays from Australia for display to give non-divers and local students a better idea of the size and belly pattern of a manta ray.


For 2013, Kids Activity booklets will be distributed for free to all 5th and 6th school grades on Palau. The 45 page booklets include quizzes, mazes, stickers, coloring pages and educational information about manta rays in Palau. Download your copy now.