The museum collection includes displays on foreign influence, traditional money types, the famous 1st child birth ceremony, canoes and fish traps, rare sea shells, and master carvers’ storyboards. The museum recently added a selfie bai mural, plus a bird mural where tourists can identify the endemic birds of Palau, with sounds, photos and information on all of Palau’s birds with the iBird App.
The gift shop sells books on Palau, jewelry, unusual souvenirs and art, and the famous storyboards of Palau. Traditional canoes, manta rays, a 35-feet skeleton of a Bryde’s whale and a Sperm whale jaw hang off the ceiling of the gift shop, and lightboxes showcase the spectacular culture, nature and marine life of Palau.


When you buy a Palauan wood carving or storyboard, look for mahogany wood. Other local hardwoods are beautiful, but most will crack in dry climates and/or air-conditioning once you get them back home. Do not buy any carvings showing small holes, this could be a sign of termites.


The museum has several very life-like mannequins and dioramas to showcase traditional wear and culture.