Canoe Projects

The museum collection includes several canoe type models made by the late Palauan master carver Imeong Etibek, collected by Shallum, Beches, and Ngiratkel Etpison. In 1998 the museum commissioned a life-sized traditional sailing Kotraol canoe for display in the museum. The last remaining canoe builder in Palau, the late Ilapsis Edeluchel Eungel, then in his late 80’s, designed and carved the canoe for the museum with assistance from museum carver Enrico Soliman.
In preparation of the 2004 Pacific Festival of Arts, which was held in Palau for the first time, the Palau Pacific Resort, the Etpison Museum and carver Rico assisted Ngatpang State in making the only traditional Kaeb canoe shown at the Festival, all other canoes used were war canoe replicas. These canoes have not been made in Palau since the late 1800’s. The last Palau canoe race was held in 1875. The Ngatpang canoe was on display at the Ngatpang State dock for several years after the festival, and has been donated to the Palau Community College, where it is being used as a model for their canoe building program.
2004 Festival- Ngiwal State war canoe and paddlers


Enrico Soliman with the Ngatpang State Kaeb canoe.