The Etpison Museum opened in August, 1999, in a 3,000 sq.ft three story building designed and constructed by Shallum and Mandy Etpison. The museum is dedicated to Shallum’s father, late Palau president Ngiratkel Etpison, who donated the land for the museum building. Dutch-born Mandy Thijssen Etpison is the Managing Director and curator of the museum. Shallum is President and CEO of the NECO Group of Companies, which include the tourism-related businesses Neco Marine, Drop-Off Bar & Grill, Neco Yamaha, as well as other family-owned businesses.
Our non-profit museum has worked with local NGOs and government agencies on conservation, art and educational projects over the years, and is a member of the president appointed KETC committee which translates and publishes early European research on Palau and Micronesia. The museum has published several books on Palau culture, nature, and marine life, the latest being “Palau in Europe” which showcases Palauan artefacts in European museums.

our history

The museum features cultural displays with dioramas, and includes displays on the history and foreign influence, traditional money types, the famous 1st child birth ceremony, Palau and Yap canoes, and storyboards by Palau’s most famous carvers through the years.
The museum opened the Captain Wilson Art Gallery at the Palau Pacific Resort in April, 2017, which showcases Palau’s nature and culture through the photography of Mandy Etpison. The gallery sells aluminum and acrylic art and photo prints, as well as high end art objects and souvenirs.


The front of the museum features a Palauan female and male statue, storyboard-style carved balconies, and a large carved spider God. This represents the symbol for childbirth in Palau. Legend has it that Palauans did not know how to give natural birth, and a woman’s belly would be cut with a bamboo knife to get the baby out, usually killing her in the process. A foreign God in the form of a spider showed them how to give natural birth, and Palauans have held the 1st child birth ceremony ever since.


The Etpison Museum doubles as the Dutch Consulate office in Palau. Museum Managing Director Mandy Etpison is also the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands to the Republic of Palau. Any Dutch Nationals are welcome to stop by!