Wyland Project

After meeting Hawaiian marine life artist Wyland in Palau, Shallum invited and sponsored him to come back in 2003 to do a Palau mural as part of his 100 Whaling Walls around the world project, the first such mural in Micronesia. He ended up doing two murals, Wyland wall 90 A & B, on the side wall of our museum, and the larger one on the entrance ceiling of the new Palau International Airport Terminal. Both murals show the endangered Palau dugong and other marine life. With the support of other local sponsors Wyland also did a kid’s wall with local school kids painting a variety of marine life creatures with him, to celebrate art and marine life in Palau. Local artists Sam Adelbai and Mandy Etpison assisted Wyand with painting the walls.

Wyland Mural on Etpison Museum - PALAU - ETPISON MUSEUM
Wyland Mural at the Palau International Airport - PALAU - ETPISON MUSEUM