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Current titles available from the museum:

Birds & Bats of Palau - 2008

290 page soft cover by H. Douglas Pratt and Mandy T. Etpison. Palau’s first photographic bird guidebook. It  features all the endemic and resident bird species of Palau, and showcases previously unknown nesting and behavior.  
USD$29.95 includes mailing

Palau- Culture & Nature - 2004

Two 250 page hardcover books- set with cover box by Mandy T. Etpison. One book features Palau’s history and culture, the other its nature and unique wildlife. This book set is one of Palau’s most popular souvenirs, and is given out by the president of Palau to foreign dignitaries and VIP guests.
USD$125.-/set includes mailing

Available by mail order (USA, HI and Micronesia only, other countries please email for additional postage rates) Please send a check or money order made out to: Etpison Museum, P.O. Box 7049, Koror, Palau PW 96940. We do not take credit card orders. Please do not email credit card information for your own protection.


Books Published By Mandy Etpison - PALAU - ETPISON MUSEUM


The museum has also designed and published brochures, calendars, fish and bird ID cards, environmental posters, murals, menus and stamps for different organizations, NGO's, government agencies and businesses in Palau, as well as the biodiversity cover design for the Palau phone book of 2010-2011.

Calendar Images - PALAU - ETPISON MUSEUM

Images used in a variety of Publications - PALAU - ETPISON MUSEUM


Neco Marine Fish Cards - PALAU - ETPISON MUSEUM