The iBird App

The Etpison Museum donated over 100 photos of Palau birds to this project. The app can be bought and downloaded from iTunes, showing photos, drawings, information and sounds for each Palau bird. It is also available to use for free to anyone visiting the Captain Wilson art Gallery at the Palau Pacific Resort.

ibird app


Endemic Birds of Palau

After publishing the first photographic bird guide book in 2008, the Etpison museum teamed up with the Dutch Embassy in Manila and the Palau Conservation Society in 2009 to publish a brochure and two posters on Palau’s endemic birds, with common, scientific and Palauan names, to be distributed for free to local schools, government agencies, hotels and tour operators for educational purposes and to promote bird watching as a new tourism attraction for Palau. Plastic Palau bird ID cards are for sale at the museum and at the Neco Marine dive shop.

Endemic Birds of Palau - PALAU - ETPISON MUSEUM
Book on Birds & Bats of Palau - PALAU - ETPISON MUSEUM
Palau Conservation Society Promoting the Birds of Palau along with the Etpison Museum - PALAU - ETPISON MUSEUM